Hi my name is Eileen Mccoy and I am your writer/editor for florida-fishing-vacations-advisor.com. This blog will help direct you to where to vacation if you love fishing! We will go all over the great state of Florida to bring what we hope is valuable information for a fishing vacation you have always dreamed of. With some tips from the pros we will have you ready to fish in some of the best locations in Florida!

I also want to give some back ground about myself. I am 35 years old and love the outdoors. I spent most of my childhood in the Florida Panhandle, most weekends were spent on the water with my father. This place is a great area to grow up in and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Please be sure to check out our blog and hopefully you will enjoy our writings as well as hopefully learn something! Thanks again and God Bless!!

Nice Pair Of Redfish!